Inspired by good food, fine art, contemporary style and an overwhelming desire to run my own business, gorepani ARTGALLERY was first opened as a gallery-cafe operating from a venue with a stunning view overlooking the Kalgan River and Oyster Harbour in January 2002.

With time, the business location changed to Middleton Road in Albany, and so too did the business composition.  For a number of years gorepani was run only as an art gallery, hosting a busy exhibition program and retailing a wonderful selection of art gifts.

Then, along came gorepani LIVINGSPACES and the provision of short term holiday accommodation facilities as part of the business mix.  First was The Red Kettle and Festing Cottage in Albany, and then The Franklin Suite in Shenton Park, Perth.  All, of course, personally styled, lovingly tended and filled with scrumptious art!

Business took a blow, however, with the GFC in late 2008.  Just as I was beginning to feel comfortable with my progress, the world shook its economic bones with a great deal of vigour and so began the process of reassessing my financial sensibilities. 

gorepani ARTGALLERY on Middleton Road ticked on as I wore myself out supplementing income with additional employment while the world struggled to settle a little.  Clearly, this was not sustainable and a decision to sell the gallery premises was made.  Along with it went The Red Kettle but NOT gorepani ARTGALLERY + LIVINGSPACES.  The business still belonged to me!

With the help of dear friends and a reluctant goodbye from me, I left 196 Middleton Road.  It was time to take a break.

Life since has been interesting.  I have had a rest, pondered lots and upskilled.  Most importantly,  gorepani ARTGALLERY + LIVINGSPACES still belongs to me and, while my thoughts still evolve with respect to the ongoing nature of gorepani ARTGALLERY, I've plunged again into the realm of creating more LIVINGSPACES for short term and holiday accommodation in Albany.

Enter my rather quaint 50's style Bluff Cottage.  Outside its white with baby blue and baby yellow trim.  Mmmmm!!  Inside it is freshly refurbished, cosy and comfortable, and has a selection of my beautiful artworks on the walls.  Bookings are rolling in and I'm thrilled!

Enter also my very recent registration as a Real Estate Sales Representative.  After years of working around the edges of managing rentals, I'm now thinking about sharing the joy of trading property.  Yep, that's it - helping people to buy, sell and lease their homes, farms and businesses to others!  A frightening but stunning thought all at once, thankfully tempered by the continuity of my little Bluff Cottage.

So, welcome - again - to my world of gorepani ARTGALLERY + LIVINGSPACES.  I've always loved sharing special things and special places with people, and that's just what I hope I'll be doing through reconnecting with you.

My best to you all....